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Shure PG52 Kick Drum Microphone

The Shure PG52 is a high-performance Cardioid Dynamic microphone tuned to capture low-end punch. Its tailored frequency response is smooth and extended, specifically tuned for kick drum applications. The cardioid polar pattern is less susceptible to feedback in high volume settings.

The PG52-XLR includes a 4.5 metres XLR to XLR Cable, Integrated Stand Mount, 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter, and a Storage Bag

Applications: Kick Drum, Bass Amplifier.


  • Frequency Response 30 Hz to 13 KHz.
  • Tailored frequency response is smooth and extended, tuned specifically for kick drum applications.
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects off-axis sound and provides superior gain before feedback.
  • Dynamic cartridge has a simple, rugged coil so it handles high volume levels without distortion.
  • Cartridge includes a neodymium magnet for high output level.
  • Internal shock mount for reduced handling noise.
  • Integral stand mount.
  • Legendary Shure quality and ruggedness.
  • Includes 4.5 metres cable and storage bag.

Response Charts

Shure PG52 Frequency and Polar Response Charts

Technical Specifications

lnsert TypeMoving Coil Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid (Unidirectional)
Frequency Response 30 Hz to 13,000 Hz
Output Impedance300 Ohms at 1 KHz
Output Level-55 dBV/Pa (1.8 mV) at 1 KHz, 1 Pa = 94 db SPL
SwitchNo Switch
Weight470 g
Construction Die cast metal handle. Black matte finish. Hardened silver colored, tapered steel mesh grille. Built-in locking stand adapter.

Ordering Information

DescriptionOrder Code
Shure PG52 Kick Drum Microphone with XLR CableSHU-PG52-XLR
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