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JBL Professional JRX115 Speaker System

The JBL JRX100 series delivers the performance and prestige JBL is known for at a price you can afford. To meet these conflicting design goals, JBL looked at every element of the speaker system design, keeping everything that makes a speaker perform and sound its best while eliminating things that don't. With performance, value and popular price points, JBL is going to be building a lot of JRX100 speakers making it possible to apply efficient, high-volume production methods and purchase materials at the lowest cost. That's how the JRX100 series delivers unprecedented value.

The JBL JRX115 is a trapezoidal, 15" speaker system that's at home in live sound, dance music and speech reinforcement. It's equipped with low and high-frequency drivers built in JBL's Northridge, California factory. Features include JBL's dual-angle, 35mm pole-mount socket as well as Neutrik® Speakon® and ¼" input connectors. An installation version (JRX115i) is also available. Three M10 eyebolts and threaded brackets replace the feet, pole socket, and handles of the portable JRX115.


  • 250W continuous power handling.
  • 15" woofer.
  • 1” exit compression driver mounted on Progressive Transition waveguide.
  • Non resonant all steel carrying handles.
  • Dual angle pole mount 35mm socket for optional SS3-BK pole.
  • 18-gauge perforated steel grille.
  • Rubber feet.
  • Finished with impact-resistant black carpet.
  • Installation version available.

Detailed Features

Dual Pole Angle Socket Drawing

Dual Pole Angle Socket

Elevating your speakers on a tripod stand or pole is a great idea. But, if you raise the speaker too high, half the output hits the back wall causing unwanted acoustic effects. Leave the speaker too low, and the crowd down front gets blasted while those in the rear can't hear.

The solution, a pole-mount with two sockets so you have the option of mounting your JRX115 with a 10ŗ down angle. The result, more uniform coverage of your audience and less energy wasted hitting the walls. Of course you can still use the other socket to position your speakers with no down angle.

JBL 2412H Compression Driver


The JRX115 utilises JBL's 2412 compression driver and M115-8A woofer. The M115-8A 15-inch woofer has a 64mm edge-wound voice coil for high power handling and maximum output. All JRX100 series two-way speakers include JBL’s SonicGuard high-frequency driver protection. SonicGuard circuitry absorbs excess energy without interrupting the performance. No circuit breakers or fuses are needed and there's no "poly-switches" to degrade sound quality.

JBL M115-8A Woofer Speaker

100 Hour Torture Test

Like all JBL Professional products, the JRX Series is brutalized in JBL’s speaker torture test. Unique in the industry, the JBL torture test submits each component in the MRX Series to 100 hours of continuous, high level input, ensuring that the JRX will deliver its extraordinary sound even after years of tough handling and thousands of hours of performance.

Technical Specifications

System Type 15" two-way sound reinforcement speaker
Impedance 8 ohms
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 12.5 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
HF Dispersion 90 x 50 degrees
Crossover Frequency 1.6 kHz
Crossover Mode Passive
Sensitivity @ 1W/1M 97 dB SPL
Maximum SPL 128 dB
Power Handling Continuous 250W
  Peak 1000W
High Frequency Driver JBL 2412 25mm (1") exit compression driver
Low Frequency Driver JBL M115-8A 380mm (15")
Input Connectors 1/4" Jack (x1) Neutrik NL4 Speakon (x1) in parallel
Construction 19 mm (¾ in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard); with glued and mechanically fastened joint detail; covered in black carpet. 18-gauge, powder-coated steel grille.


Width ..... 460 mm
Depth ..... 432 mm
Height ..... 699 mm
Weight .... 27.4 Kg
  JBL JRX115 Speaker Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
JBL JRX115 Speaker 2 Way, 1 x 15" + 1" Horn JBL-JRX115
JBL JRX115i Speaker 2 Way, Installation version JBL-JRX115-I
JBL 35mm SS3-BK pole JBL-SS3-BK
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