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Soundcraft Book:  The Soundcraft Guide To Mixing

Adapted from the original and very popular Soundcraft Guide to Mixing and featuring the GB4 console, this DVD includes video tutorials, the full Soundcraft Product Range catalogue and the original Guide to Mixing booklet in PDF format to view and print out.

The DVD takes a step by step look at mixing a live band and explains many of the common techniques and equipment used by the professional sound engineer. The DVD is an extremely useful tool for budding sound engineers and contains great tips for the beginner through to the novice engineer.

Another great resource for the school drama department.


Chapter 1 - Starting Out
1. What Does a Mixer Do?
2. Layout of Controls

Chapter 2 - Connecting the Mixer
1. Signal Sources
2. Channel Strip Controls

Chapter 3 - Master Section
1. Master Section
2. Phantom Power

Chapter 4 - Mixing Techniques
1. Connecting Equipments
2. Mixers Outputs
3. Setting Up a Basic Mix
4. Using EQ
5. Using FX
6. Signal Processors

Chapter 5 - PA + Live Mixing
1. Microphones
2. Connections
3. Setting the Mix
4. Tips for Live Mixing
5. Monitor Mix

Chapter 6 - Harman Pro Group
1. Harman Pro Group

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DVD - The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing SOU-7021
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