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QSC GX Series Amplifers

The GX Series amplifiers are ideal for professional entertainers and installations where maximum performanceand portability is required on a limited budget. The hallmarks of the QSC brand - professional audio quality, meticulous engineering, precision manufacturing and long-term reliability - are all intrinsic to GX Series amplifiers.

The GX3 is ideal for speakers in the 300 watt (Program) range, while the GX5 provides full performance for 500 watt (Program) speakers. Owners of popular 4 ohm dual woofer two-way loudspeaker models will find the 700 watt (4 ohm) power of the GX5 an ideal match. The GX7 will very capably power many of today's popular subwoofers or two typical 8 ohm speakers per channel.

Add contemporary styling, multiple input/output options, light weight, and advanced protection circuitry, and the GX Series clearly represents real value and quality that everyone can use.


  • Power levels matched to the most popular speakers used by entertainers.
  • Detented gain controls for precise setting and matching of sensitivity.
  • Optimised for maximum real-world headroom into 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm speaker systems.
  • GuardRail protection against overloads and overheating.
  • Torroidal power transformers for GX3 and GX5, Road proven PowerLight power supply for GX7.
  • Power switch on front panel.
  • LED indicator for power on.
  • LED indicator for signal presence for each channel
  • LED indicators for clipping for each channel.
  • Analog input connectors accommodate 3-pin XLR, 6.5mm TRS jack, and RCA phono.
  • Speaker output connectors accommodate Speakon, 6.5mm jack and binding posts.
  • Output power between 300W and 1,000W per channel depending on model and load.
  • Rugged all-steel 2U chassis construction.

Panel Layouts

QSC GX Series Amplifiers Front Panel
QSC GX Series Amplifiers Rear Panel

Detailed Features

GuardRail protection delivers full peak power while preventing detrimental overloads. During excessive clipping, or extreme overheating, GuardRail reduces gain just enough to preserve the integrity of the music, protect the speakers and keep the audience excited, without unprofessional distortion levels or shutdowns.

Subwoofer/Satellite Crossover
A subwoofer reduces strain on the full-range speaker, allowing it to play louder, or letting a smaller speaker do the same job. The GX Series supports this mode with a Crossover switch that splits the full-range input entering Ch 1, sending 20 Hz -100 Hz to the sub woofer (Ch 1) and 100 Hz - 20 kHz to the main loudspeaker (Ch 2). The front panel gain controls balance the sub woofer and main loudspeaker, while GuardRail optimizes peak power into the sub woofer and main loudspeaker individually, for greater musical impact and dynamic range.

Output Power Rating

  4-Ohm Stereo 8-Ohm Stereo
(Per Channel) (Per Channel)
GX3 425W 300W
GX5 700W 500W
GX7 1,000W 725W
  Power in Watts at 1 kHz

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz +0, -1 dB
T.H.D. 8 Ohms < 0.02%, 4 Ohms <0.05%, at 1kHz 1dB below full rated power.
Signal to Noise Ratio 100 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Input Sensitivity 1.2 Vrms
Input Level Max +24 dB (16 Vrms)
Input Impedance >20 k ohms (balanced or unbalanced)
Input Connectors 3-pin XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced, Phono unbalanced (for each channel)
Output Power See power chart above
Load Impedance 4 or 8 ohms per channel
Damping Factor 100
Speaker Connectors Speakon combo accepts 2-pole Speakon or 1/4" jack, Binding posts.
Power Supply Required AC input 230 VAC 50 Hz
Ventilation Variable speed fan
Construction Steel panels with black finish, silver finish on front panel


Model ..... GX3 ... GX5 ... GX7
Width ..... 483 mm ........ 483 mm ........ 483 mm
Depth ..... 257 mm ........ 257 mm ........ 257 mm
Height ..... 89 mm .......... 89 mm .......... 89 mm
Weight .... 12.1 Kg ........ 12.6 Kg ........ 7.5 Kg
QSC GX Series Amplifiers Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
QSC GX3 2-Channel Power Amplifier QSC-GX3
QSC GX5 2-Channel Power Amplifier QSC-GX5
QSC GX7 2-Channel Power Amplifier QSC-GX7
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