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Rosco Strobist Collection

Rosco Strobist Collection Colour Filter Gels

Strobist Collection

The Rosco Strobist Collection is a 55-Piece filter kit that has most, if not all, the color filters you will ever need for your shoe-mount flash. Each filter is sized perfectly (38mm x 82mm) for most portable flash units. Working with David Hobby, founder of, Rosco put together this collection of 20 different colors (including different strengths of several colours) for a total of 55 gels that cover nearly every situation where you need to filter your shoe-mount flash for colour balancing with non-daylight sources, changing your strobe's output, or to add some colour for accent or effect.

Each kit contains...

5 x Cinegel #3202 Full CTB - Cooling Filter
5 x Cinegel #3204 1/2 CTB - Cooling Filter
5 x Cinegel #3208 1/4 CTB - Cooling Filter
5 x Cinegel #3401 Sun 85 CTO - Warming Filter (Converts 5500K, Flash to 3200K, Tungsten)
5 x Cinegel #3408 Sun 1/2 CTO - Warming Filter
5 x Cinegel #3409 Sun 1/4 CTO - Warming Filter
5 x Roscolux #08 Pale Gold - Warming Filter (With a small amount of pink for skin tones)
5 x Cinegel #3304 Tough Plusgreen (Adds green to flash to match cool white fluorescent bulbs)

2 x Cinegel #3415 N.15 Neutral Density
2 x Cinegel #3403 N.6 Neutral Density
2 x Cinegel #3404 N.9 Neutral Density

1 x Roscolux #12 Straw (Yellow)
1 x Roscolux #23 Orange
1 x Roscolux #26 Light Red
1 x Roscolux #33 No Color Pink
1 x Roscolux #39 Skelton Exotic Sangria (Magenta)
1 x Roscolux #358 Rose Indigo (Purple)
1 x Roscolux #80 Primary Blue
1 x Roscolux #375 Cerulean Blue (Cyan)
1 x Roscolux #90 Dark Yellow Green


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The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Rosco Laboratories Inc.

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