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Lumiquest FXtra Gel Holder

Weifeng 80cm Pop-up Reflector Silver / White

FXtra Gel Holder

The LumiQuest FXtra is a compact filter (gel) holder designed to hold colour correcting filters onto your flash when needed to balance your flash for shooting with mixed light sources such as fluorescent and incandescent, or when you simply want to add creative effect. FXtra fits the Rosco Strobist filter collection as well as other brands. Additional LumiQuest (and many other brand) accessories can still be attached while the FXtra is in place allowing you to colourise the flash while using a variety of light modifiers such as diffusers. As with any filter there is some light loss, the amount depends upon the filter in use at the time.

FXtra fits most standard bounce flash units and is held in place with self-adhesive Velcro which is included.

Although FXtra is designed to leave a cooling space of about 3mm between the flash and FXtra, we recommend against rapid fire flashing to avoid any possibility of overheating the flash unit.


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Lumiquest FXtra Gel Holder


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