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VisibleDust Sensor Swabs Orange

VisibleDust Kit 4x Orange Swabs Plus Vdust Fluid

Sensor Cleaning Kit Orange DHAP Swabs

Easy sensor cleaning kit with VDust Plus solution and Orange DHAP Vswabs to remove contaminants fast. Excellent for streak-free cleaning of mirror and sensor. Orange DHAP Vswabs with VDust Plus fluid are excellent for use on fluorine coated sensors.

Orange DHAP Vswab patented V shape results in best maneuverability inside chamber. Used in high-end industrial optic cleaning such as space optical lenses, the thin and extremely soft woven fabric prevents scratches and holds cleaning liquid well. Orange DHAP Vswabs are for use with VDust Plus solution. Not compatible with Sensor Clean or Smear Away.

Kit contains 4x DHAP Vswabs and 1ml of VDust Plus fluid.

Available as kits for sensor sizes 1.0x (Full Frame), 1.3x and 1.6x (Crop Sensors).


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Sensor Cleaning Kit Orange DHAP - 1.0x


Sensor Cleaning Kit Orange DHAP - 1.3x



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Sensor Cleaning Kit Orange DHAP - 1.6x




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VisibleDust Vswabs Orange DHAP 12 Pack

Vswabs Orange DHAP 12 Pack

The double layer, high absorbency, fabric used to produce DHAP Vswabs is super-soft and made of super-thin fibers. The fabric is woven to be non-shedding and is used in cleaning delicate optical surfaces such as space telescopes. Its high absorbency makes it ideal for the surface cleaning of delicate optics.

The unique folding design of the fabric creates a softer edge compared to a hot sealing process. The specially developed mini-channel design provides an even saturation of the paddle surface while preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge to reduce streaks associated with traditional flat surface paddles. The mini-channels also provide an extra reservoir to absorb the excessive liquid and prolong the moisture life of the swab during the cleaning process. Compatible only with VDust Plus™ fluid.

VisibleDust highly recommends using Vdust Plus™ fluid with orange DHAP Vswabs® for cameras without a low pass filter, instead of Green MXD100 Vswabs.

Available for sensor sizes 1.0x (Full Frame), 1.3x and 1.6x (Crop Sensors)


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Vswabs Orange DHAP 12 Pack - 1.3x


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