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Ben Nye
Icon: Ben Nye Blood Effects and Flesh Effects Gels Blood, Flesh Effects Gels Icon: Ben Nye Character Palettes Character Palettes Icon: Ben Nye Character Powders. Charcoal Powder, Ash Powder, Plains Dust Character Powders
Icon: Ben Nye FX Colour Wheels FX Colour Wheels Icon: Ben Nye Thick Blood (Stage Blood Paste) Thick Blood
Cinema Secrets
Icon: Ben Nye Character Powders. Charcoal Powder, Ash Powder, Plains Dust Woochie Prosthetics
» Blood Effects
Icon: Kryolan Blood Capsules Blood Capsules Icon: Kryolan Blood Powder Blood Powder Icon: Kryolan Eye Blood Eye Blood
Icon: Kryolan Film Blood for Movie and TV Production Film Blood Icon: Kryolan Fresh Scratch Blood Paste Fresh Scratch Icon: Kryolan Fix Blood Blood Paste Hydro Fix Blood
» Latex
Icon: Kryolan Latex Bald Cap Bald Caps Icon: Kryolan Glatzan and Red Head Glatzan Icon: Kryolan Latex Liquid Latex Liquid
Icon: Kryolan Old Age Stipple Old Age Stipple Icon: Kryolan Rubber (Latex) Mask Grease Paint Palettes RMG Palettes Icon: Kryolan Rubber (Latex) Mask and Bald Cap (RMG) Greasepaint Palette Refills RMG Palette Refills
» Medical Effects, Prosthetics
Icon: Kryolan 3D FX Latex Wounds 3D FX Latex Wounds Icon: Kryolan Bruise Wheel and Burns Wheel FX Colour Wheels
» Modelling Putties, Waxes
Icon: Kryolan Eyebrow Plastic Eyebrow Plastic Icon: Kryolan Nose Putty Nose Putty Icon: Kryolan Plastici Nose Putty Plastici Nose Putty
Icon: Kryolan Scar and Effects Wax Scar & Effects Wax Icon: Kryolan Sealer Sealer Icon: Kryolan Soft Putty Soft Putty
» Skin Effects
Icon: Kryolan Old Skin Plast and OSP Remover Old Skin Plast Icon: Kryolan Rigid Collodion (Scarring Liquid) Rigid Collodion Icon: Kryolan Tuplast Tuplast
» Tears Effects
Icon: Kryolan Tear Blower Tear Blower Icon: Kryolan Tear Stick Tears Stick
» Teeth Effects
Icon: Kryolan Gelatin Fangs Gelatin Fangs Icon: Kryolan Tooth Enamel Tooth Enamel
» Ultraviolet, Phosphorescent
Icon: Kryolan Aquacolor Dayglo UV Aquacolor - Dayglo UV Icon: Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid Dayglo UV Aq. Liquid - Dayglo UV
Icon: Kryolan Phosphorescent Cream Phosphorescent Green Icon: Kryolan UV Luminous Cream UV Luminous Cream
Icon: Makeuplus Stage Blood Stage Blood
Icon: Various Halloween Effects Products Halloween FX

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