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Ben Nye Fireworks Creme Colours

Ben Nye Makeup Fireworks Creme Colour

Fireworks Creme Colours

Luscious soft shimmers in a silky creme texture. The iridescent pigments make Fireworks colours the perfect companion to Lumiere cremes. Layer with Grande Colours or Luxe Powders to set.

Available in 8.4g packs.

(Expect 20 - 80 applications)



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BN Fireworks Creme 8.5g - Gold Dust



BN Fireworks Creme 8.5g - Silver Satin



BN Fireworks Creme 8.5g - Ruby Luster




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BN Fireworks Creme 8.5g - Copper



BN Fireworks Creme 8.5g - Bronze





Ben Nye Makeup FW Fireworks Creme Wheel

Fireworks Creme Wheel

This six colour wheel offers beautiful brilliance on or off the stage anytime, anywhere. Use these elegant and luminescent cremes for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Shades: FW-9 Copper, FW-1 Gold Dust, FW-3 Silver Satin, FW-11 Bronze,
LCR-1 Ice, FW-7 Ruby Luster.

Available as a 28g wheel pack.


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Ben Nye Fireworks Creme Wheel 28g LW


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