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Makeup is Fun Book

Kryolan Book:  Makeup is Fun

Makeup is Fun

Kids, this book is a fun and exciting, colourful guide that quickly teaches you the skills required to paint faces. Learn how to paint clowns, animals or monsters within minutes step by step.

Parents and Teachers, this book is for you too. It gives information about the ingredients of makeup and covers all aspects of face and body painting. There's examples for makeup parties and it briefly introduces makeup for the school drama department.

This book comes in a small 32 page version and a larger 85 page version.

Other Details

  • Author: Arnold Langer
  • Published: 1998
  • Publisher: KRYOLAN
  • ISBN: n/a
  • Type: Paperback
  • Pages: 85
  • Pages: 32 (Small)
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 127mm (Small)


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Book - Makeup is Fun (Large 85 pages)


Book - Makeup is Fun (Small 32 Pages)


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