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Ben Nye Creme Shadows

Ben Nye Creme Shadows Makeup

Creme Shadows

Ben Nye (Senior) designed his remarkable shadow palette to both improve and distort facial features. For corrective applications, shadows streamline a full face or crooked nose, or hide a double chin. Highly pigmented colours enable subtle application for close-up realism, or intense colour for broad dramatic effects.

Avaliable in 7g packs.

(Expect 35 - 125 applications)



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BN Creme Shadows - Contour Brown



BN Creme Shadows - Character Shadow



BN Creme Shadows - Dark Brown




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BN Creme Shadows - Extra Dark



BN Creme Liner - Cinnamon





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Ben Nye Creme Shadow Wheel

Creme Shadow Wheel

Four indispensable shades for corrective, beauty, old age and character designs.

Shades: CS-3, CL-11, CS-4, CS-21.

Available in a 14g wheel pack.

(Expect 40 - 150 applications)


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BN Creme Shadow Wheel 14g SK-3


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