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Kryolan Hydro Spirit Gum

Kryolan Hydro (Water Soluble) Spirit Gum

Hydro Spirit Gum (Water Soluble)

Water soluble adhesive created for the classroom. Effective in adhering objects for short periods of time. Also useful for holding down hair and eyebrows before they are covered with a bald cap or plastic film.

Apply using a brush and allow to dry slightly before adhering the required hair or objects. Being a water-based preparation, Hydro Spirit Gum dries slowly. Warm air can be used to speed up the drying process.

Not ideal for theatre use as it won't last through perspiration.

Remove with soap and water.

Available in 2ml, 12ml, 50ml and 500ml bottles.


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Kryolan Water Soluble Spirit Gum 2ml


Kryolan Water Soluble Spirit Gum 12ml


Kryolan Water Soluble Spirit Gum 50ml


Kryolan Water Soluble Spirit Gum 500ml


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