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PAR-56 Can

The PAR56 Can comprises of a 300 Watt PAR56 lamp housed in an aluminium can. The luminaire produces a soft-edged, oval-shaped light beam that is a function of the lamp type chosen. The lamp can be rotated inside the Can to align the oval shape of the light beam anywhere between vertical and horizontal as desired. The beam angle is not adjustable but a range of lamp types provide a selection of beam angles and it is a quick task to change the lamp from one type to another.

The PAR56 Can is a versatile, low-cost luminaire that is suitable for general stage use on small stages and its low weight makes it ideal for touring.


  • Beam angle is function of lamp type
  • Lamp wattage 300 Watts
  • Useful throw distances from 2 to 10 metres
  • Available in black or polished aluminium finish
  • Available in short or long body types
  • Spring loaded retaining clip for colour frame
  • Rolled lip on focus opening
  • PG11 gland for cable entry
  • Compliant with CE safety requirements


The PAR Can is available in four variants, long nose or short nose and with either a either black or polished aluminium finish. The short nose Can is also available with a double yoke that enables it to be placed on the floor or hung from a lighting bar.

PAR-56 Model Variants


Luminaire Colour Frame Luminaire Hook Clamp
Colour Frame Hook Clamp


PAR-56 Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Beam Angle NSP Fixed elliptical 8 x 10 degrees
Beam Angle MFL Fixed elliptical 11 x 23 degrees
Beam Angle WFL Fixed elliptical 18 x 37 degrees
Lamp 300W NSP 300 PAR 56/NSP ..... (Narrow Spot)
Lamp 300W MFL 300 PAR 56/MFL ..... (Medium Flood)
Lamp 300W WFL 300 PAR 56/WFL ..... (Wide Flood)
Lamp Base EMEP (GX16d)
Lens Diameter 178mm
Colour Frame Size 230mm x 230mm
Construction 1.5 mm Aluminium


  Short Long
Height: 170mm 170mm
Length: 248mm 360mm
Weight: 1.1kg 1.4kg
Note: Weight excludes lamp.
PAR-56 Short Dimensions PAR-56 Long Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
PAR56 Can Long Black PAR-56S-LB
PAR56 Can Long Polished PAR-56S-LP
PAR56 Can Short Black PAR-56S-SB
PAR56 Can Short Polished PAR-56S-SP
Colour Frame PAR-56CF
Hook Clamp for 50mm Bars LXA-STDHC
Description Order Code
Lamp PAR56/NSP 300W Narrow Spot LAM-PAR56N
Lamp PAR56/MFL 300W Medium Flood LAM-PAR56M
Lamp PAR56/WFL 300W Wide Flood LAM-PAR56W

Please Note: Please specify your choice of lamp at time of ordering. Luminaires are supplied complete with colour frames and safety bonds. Safety bonds are permanently fitted to the luminaires to prevent loss and help encourage safe rigging practices.

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