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PAR-36 Pin Spot

The PAR36 Pinspot comprises of a 30 Watt PAR36 lamp and a transformer built into a small can. The luminaire produces a bright, near parallel light beam making it ideal for various disco type effects. PAR36 pinspots are often used to light mirror balls, and may be fitted with coloured filters or rotating colour wheels.


  • Near parallel light beam
  • 30 Watt PAR36 Halogen lamp
  • Built-in transformer
  • Useful throw distances from 1 to 8 metres
  • Compliant with CE safety requirements
  • Available in chrome or black finish
  • Optional coloured gel-caps available
  • Optional colour wheel available


An optional colour wheel with a motor rotating at 3 RPM can be attached to the pin spot to produce a continuously changing colours effect.

PAR-36 Pin Spot Colour Wheel


PAR-36 Pin Spot Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Beam AngleFixed 5 degrees
Lamp 30W H4515 (PAR36 30 Watts, 6 Volts, Halogen)
Lamp Base Screw Terminals
TransformerBuilt into luminaire
Supply Voltage220-240 Volts AC
Lens Diameter 110mm


Width .... 120mm
Length ... 150mm
Height ... 170mm
Weight ..1.5kg
PAR-36 Pin Spot Dimensions

Ordering Information

DescriptionOrder Code
PAR36 Pin Spot Black PAR-36PS-BK
PAR36 Pin Spot Polished PAR-36PS-SI
DescriptionOrder Code
Lamp H4515 30W 6V LAM-H4515
PAR36 Colour Wheel PAR-36CW
Hook Clamp for 50mm Bars LXA-STDHC

Please Note: Luminaires are supplied complete with safety bonds. Safety bonds are permanently fitted to the luminaires to prevent loss and help encourage safe rigging practices.

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