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Selecon Pacific Universal Lamphouse

The universal lamphouse (left) is the foundation building block for each Pacific luminaire. The lamphouse contains the ellipsoidal reflector, the cold dichroic mirror and its heatsink, and it provides the yoke for hanging the luminaire.

Description Order Code
Pacific Universal Lamphouse SEL-19PACHSE

Features - All Pacific Models

  • Universal lamphouse
  • Halogen lamp choices 600W, 800W or 1000W
  • Additional lamp choices 80V 1200W Halogen, 150W MH or 575W MSR
  • Long life lamp options for display lighting also available
  • Interchangeable colour coded lamp modules for selection of the various light sources
  • Interchangeable lens tubes
  • Lens tube rotates 360 degrees allowing for easy pattern alignment and shutter cuts
  • Heat management system removes over 80% of heat from the light beam
  • Cool "whiter" light beam due to reduced infrared component of light beam
  • Height adjustable yoke
  • Gate is so cool that plastic transparencies can be used with some light sources
  • Lower maintenance costs as lamp base and electrics are out of heated air flow
  • Safety switch disconnects power when lamphouse is opened
  • Cool safer operating controls
  • Complies with CE safety requirements

Heat Management - All Pacific Models

The unique Pacific heat management system utilises a cold dichroic mirror to remove over 80% of the heat from the light beam. This heat is then dissipated into the surrounding air by the heatsink. Temperature of the light beam at the gate is cool enough to allow the use of plastic transparencies. The lamp socket, safety switch and electrical wiring are contained in the bottom of the lamp module, in the coolest part of the airflow through the luminaire, to maximise the life of components and reduce maintenance costs.

Selecon Pacific Heat Management
Selecon Pacific Mirror Operation

The cold dichroic mirror technology reduces the amount of infra red (heat) and ultra violet radiation in the light beam. This delivers a cooler beam of light to the stage and increases the life of patterns and colour filters. Colour balance of the light beam is managed by the cold mirror to produce a "whiter" light.

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