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Selecon Pacific Dowser

The Selecon Pacific Dowser is a DMX controlled mechanical dimmer for discharge lamps, such as MSR, MSD, CDM, and is designed specifically for use in Selecon's Pacific luminaire range. The Pacific Dowser is designed for use in theatrical applications and its dimming response is similar to that of traditional tungsten halogen light sources. The dowser is not intended for strobe type effects with rapid sequential off/on operation.

The picture on the left shows the Pacific Dowser unit on its own. The picture below left shows a Selecon Pacific luminaire with a Pacific Dowser installed. The shutters and gobo slots at the back of the lens tube are still able to be fully utilised when the Dowser is installed on the luminaire.

Dowser Fitted to Selecon Pacific Luminaire

The Pacific Dowser is optimised to provide a visually smooth even fade for the following Pacific models:

  • Pacific 5.5-13 Zoomspot
  • Pacific 12-28 Zoomspot
  • Pacific 14-35 Zoomspot
  • Pacific 23-50 Zoomspot
  • Pacific 45-75 Zoomspot
  • Pacific 90 Fixed Beam

The optical performance when using the Pacific 20,30,40 or 50 Fixed Beam is outside the design parameters of the dowser. It is not recommended for use with these models.


  • Visually smooth fade to blackout of high output light sources such as MSR hot re-strike
  • No light loss when dowser is open
  • Suitable for Pacific MSR 575 HR, MSR 575/2, MSD and CDM light sources
  • Patented technology
  • Modular unit fits onto any Pacific lamphouse
  • Industry standard DMX control signal, test and standalone operation
  • Accessories (scrollers and animation wheels) can be fitted to the luminaire unimpeded by dowser
  • Variable yoke height and can be inverted for mounting on stands etc.
  • Quiet operation, no fans used
  • Safety lock for Pacific lamphouse
  • Universal power supply 100V to 250V
  • Mains power for dowser available from MSR power supply, only one mains supply per luminaire needed

Detailed Features

Full output control of a discharge lamp, with a fade profile similiar to that of a 2.0kW tungsten halogen lamp, is achieved using a patented dimming technology that is visually even, smooth, quiet and reliable. The slide out modular design makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

nal Blades
Selecon Pacific Dowser DMX Controls

The Pacific Dowser control panel provides three keypad buttons for setting the DMX address, a local default level, and the brightness of the LED display.


Standard 5-Pin XLR connectors are provided for the DMX input and link-through. A green LED indicator lights when the dowser is receiving a DMX signal and is under DMX control.

Fitting Dowser to Luminaire

The Pacific Dowser simply slots onto the front of the lamphouse and the desired lens system is then mounted onto the dowser. The dowser is mounted within the luminaire so other accessories such as colour scrollers and animation wheels can still be fitted to the front of the luminaire. The use of gobo rotators is also unaffected by the dowser.

Selecon Pacific Dowser Fitting Drawing

Technical Specifications

Response Time Black out < 0.5 second
Max Fade Duration Defined by the control console
Patented Technology Patent 6,241,366 B1 - Lighting System with Diffusing Dimmer
Control Signal USITT DMX512 1990
DMX Connectors 5 Pin XLR male input, 5 Pin XLR female output
DMX Address Range 001 to 512, user settable
DMX Termination Enabled or disabled by user setting
Power Supply Required 100V to 240V AC Universal


Width ............

Length ..........

Height 1 ........

Height 2 ........

Weight ..........






Weight is without the luminaire.

Selecon Pacific Dowser Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Pacific Dowser DMX Controlled SEL-PADOWSER
The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Philips Selecon.
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