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Selecon Arena PC Luminaire

The Selecon Arena PC is a 2000/2500W luminaire with a 200mm (8 inch) plano-convex lens. The light beam has a soft edge and is adjustable from a narrow spot of 5.5 degrees to a medium flood of 58 degrees. Beam adjustment is achieved by loosening the focus knob and sliding the lamp and reflector in relation to the fixed lens. The "posi-slide" focusing mechanism minimises any vibration of the lamp. Access for relamping is via a swing down bottom that is fitted with a cut-out switch for safety. The beam shape can be controlled using the four-leaf rotatable barn door accessory.


  • Beam angle adjustable from 4.5 to 60 degrees
  • Flat even beam with very little spill
  • Lamp wattage 2000 Watts or 2500 Watts
  • Useful throw distances from 4 to 25 metres
  • Selecon "posi-slide" focusing mechanism
  • Compliant with CE safety requirements
  • Lamphouse bottom opens for maintenance
  • Safety switch isolates mains if bottom open
  • Built-in retaining clip for colour frame
  • Adjustable yoke balance point
  • Available with optional pole operation

Detailed Features

The "posi-slide" focusing mechanism (right) ensures the lamp tray slides easily and smoothly to minimise any vibration of the lamp while focusing the luminaire.

Selecon Posi-Slide Bearing
Selecon Arena PC Yoke Adjustment

The yoke balance point (left) is moveable along the full length of the luminaire so that you can compensate for the weight of accessories, such as colour scrollers, that may be mounted on the front of the luminaire.


Selecon Arena Rotatable Barndoor Selecon Arena Colour Frame Lens Safety Mesh Luminaire Hook Clamp
Rotatable Barndoor Colour Frame Lens Safety Mesh Hook Clamp


Selecon Arena PC Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Beam Angle Adjustable between 4.5 and 60 degrees
Lamp 2000W (GY16) CP72 .... 50,000 lumens, 400 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 2000W (G22) CP92 .... 50,000 lumens, 400 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 2500W (G22) CP91 .... 65,000 lumens, 400 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp Base GY16 for CP72 Lamp, G22 for CP91 or CP92 Lamps
Lens Diameter 200mm
Colour Frame Size 245mm x 245mm
Construction Aluminium extrusions and pressure die castings


Width: 365mm
Length: 476mm
Height: 450mm
Weight: 10.3kg
Selecon Arena PC Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Arena PC GY16, 2000W Lamp SEL-ARPC-GY16
Arena PC G22, 2500W Lamp SEL-ARPC-G22
Arena Barndoor Four-Leaf Rotatable SEL-20BDSF2020
Arena Colour Frame (Spare) SEL-20CFSF2020
Arena Lens Safety Mesh SEL-20SM24
Hook Clamp for 50mm Bars LXA-STDHC
Description Order Code
Lamp 2000W CP72 (GY16 Base) LAM-CP72
Lamp 2000W CP92 (G22 Base) LAM-CP92
Lamp 2500W CP91 (G22 Base) LAM-CP91

Please Note: Please specify your choice of lamp at time of ordering. Luminaires are supplied complete with colour frames and safety bonds. Safety bonds are permanently fitted to the luminaires to prevent loss and help encourage safe rigging practices.

The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Philips Selecon.
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