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Selecon HUI Cyc Light

The Selecon HUI Cyc is a 300 - 800 Watt asymmetric cyc light. Fitted with the 500W lamp the HUI is suitable for cycs up to about 5 metres high. The 800W lamp allows for use in smaller studios, or with more deeply saturated colour filters and higher cycs.

The smooth well controlled beam produces a visually even wash to blend in seamlessly with adjacent units - the hallmark of Selecon luminaires, light where you want it with no distracting spill to provide unwanted illumination.

Designed to withstand the rigours of rental and production work, the HUI is engineered from precision sheet metal and aluminium extrusions. The HUI is able to be used inverted for a very effective groundrow and individual units can be easily locked together to make battens.


  • Light distribution very smooth and blends seamlessly with adjacent units
  • Lamp wattages 300W, 500W using 'K' class lamps or 800W using the P2/11 lamp
  • Add screw in feet and reverse colour cassette to make a very effective groundrow
  • Slot lock joint system allows a number of units to be locked together into battens
  • Single as well as 3 and 4 way batten options available
  • Mounting plate options for multi-pole connectors on battens
  • Optional four-leaf barndoor for beam shaping and glare control available for all models
  • Safety switch isolates mains phase and neutral when front open for relamping
  • Safety glass keeps lamp remains captive within luminaire if lamp disintegrates
  • Relamp without having to remove the colour filter or break focus
  • Efficient airflow design provides industry leading colour filter life
  • Fully tested and compliant with CE safety requirements

Detailed Features

An optional barndoor accessory is available for the HUI cyc and flood lights to enable the light beam edges to be shaped. An HUI flood with the barndoor fitted is pictured on the right.

Selecon HUI with Barndoor Fitted
Selecon HUI Single Groundrow

The HUI flood and cyc lights can be inverted and used as a groundrow by simply reversing the colour cassette along with the hinge pivot screws and adding the optional screw in feet. Reversed in this way the colour filter life is maximised.

A safety glass within the colour filter cassette ensures that in the unlikely event of a lamp exploding, the remains of the lamp are held captive within the luminaire. The colour filter cassette hinges open to provide access for relamping, a simple task which can be carried out without removing the filter or breaking focus.

Selecon HUI with Colour Cassette Open
Selecon HUI Colour Filter

The colour filter holder is held captive by a spring hinged extruded cover that also blocks light spill. Changing the colour filter is a simple one-handed operation.

In addition to the single unit, the HUI cyc and flood is available in a 3-way batten and a 4-way batten.

Selecon HUI Cyc Light Battens

Connector Options

Selecon HUI Cyc Light Connector Mounting Plate Options

Standard - Separate silicon rubber cable tails fitted with protected entry and clamping gland.

Connector Model - Fitted with terminal box for your connector requirements. Mounting plate options allow for multi-pin connectors, in-out cable tails and socket outlets. The 3-way and 4-way batten connector models are supplied with two 32mm cable glands fitted to the terminal box cover plate.


Selecon HUI Screw-in Feet Selecon HUI Barndoor Selecon HUI Colour Frame Luminaire Hook Clamp
Screw-in Feet Barndoor Colour Frame Hook Clamp


Selecon HUI Cyc Light Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Lamp 200W K11 ...... 3,520 lumens, 2000 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 300W K9 ........ 5,600 lumens, 2000 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 500W K1 ........ 9,900 lumens, 2000 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 800W P2/11 .. 24,000 lumens, 150 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp Base R7
Colour Frame Size 265mm x 203mm
Construction Aluminium extrusions and formed steel panels


  Single 3-Way 4-Way
Height: 280mm 299mm 299mm
Frame: 225mm 225mm 225mm
Width: 342mm 896mm 1173mm
Depth: 174mm 174mm 174mm
Weight: 4.1kg 10.7kg 14kg
Selecon HUI Cyc Light Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
HUI Cyc Single, 500W Lamp SEL-HUICYC-1C
HUI Cyc 3-Way Batten, Cables, 3 x K1 SEL-HUICYC-3BC
HUI Cyc 4-Way Batten, Cables, 4 x K1 SEL-HUICYC-4BC
HUI Cyc 3-Way Batten, Terminals, 3 x K1 SEL-HUICYC-3BT
HUI Cyc 4-Way Batten, Terminals, 4 x K1 SEL-HUICYC-4BT
Connector Panels  
HUI/LUI Connector Panel 19 pin Socapex SEL-15HLCS
HUI/LUI Connector Panel 10 pin Wieland SEL-15HLCW-10
HUI/LUI Connector Panel 16 pin Wieland SEL-15HLCW-16
HUI/LUI Connector Panel 10A NZ Skt Outlet SEL-15HLCANZ
HUI/LUI Connector Panel & 1 Cable Tail SEL-15HLC-1F
HUI/LUI Connector Panel & 2 Cable Tails SEL-15HLC-3F
HUI/LUI Connector Panel Blank SEL-15HLC-B
Description Order Code
Lamp 200W K11 LAM-K11
Lamp 300W K9 LAM-K9
Lamp 500W K1 LAM-K1
Lamp 800W P2/11 LAM-P2/11
HUI/LUI Colour Frame (Spare) SEL-15HLCF
HUI/LUI Groundrow Feet (Pair) SEL-15HLGDSF
HUI/LUI Slot Lock Set (Pair) SEL-15HLJ
Hook Clamp for 50mm Bars LXA-STDHC

Please Note: Please specify your choice of lamp at time of ordering. Luminaires are supplied complete with colour frames and safety bonds. Safety bonds are permanently fitted to the luminaires to prevent loss and help encourage safe rigging practices.

The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Philips Selecon.
Revised: 10-Dec-2010 Copyright (C) 2010 Adena Limited