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Selecon Aurora Groundrow

The Aurora Groundrow is an asymmetric 625 - 1200 Watt flood that will light a cyc or back-cloth with a visually even wash of light from a floor position at a distance of 1.5 metres from the Cyc. Adjustable rubber feet isolate the luminaire from floor vibration and provide tilt adjustment. Repeatability of beam characteristics is assured by the extruded aluminium reflector. The single unit has side hinges to facilitate on-site assembly as battens. Designed for the larger theatres and studios, the Aurora Groundrow is the perfect compliment for the Aurora Cyc.


  • Light distribution very smooth
  • Lamp wattages 625W, 1000W or 1200W
  • Extruded aluminium reflector
  • Single and 4 way options available
  • Compliant with CE safety requirements
  • Safety switch isolates mains if front open
  • Colour filter holder hinged for access to lamp
  • Efficient airflow improves colour filter life

Detailed Features

The Aurora colour filter frame is flat to ensure it is easy to load into the luminaire. The filter frame size is designed to ensure that colour filters can be economically cut from one sheet of colour filter media.

Selecon Aurora Colour Frame
Selecon Aurora Luminaires Hinged  Together Single Aurora Groundrow units feature a pivot hinge on the end of each luminaire to allow several units to be joined together on-site in a curve.


Selecon Aurora Barndoor Selecon Aurora Colour Frame Luminaire Hook Clamp
Barndoor Colour Frame Hook Clamp


Selecon Aurora Groundrow Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Lamp 625W P2/10 ... 16,250 lumens, 200 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 1000W P2/7 ..... 26,000 lumens, 200 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp 1200W P2/12 ... 33,750 lumens, 200 hours average life, 230-240V
Lamp Base R7
Colour Frame Size 305mm x 315mm
Construction Aluminium extrusions and formed steel panels


  Single 4-Batten
Height 330mm 330mm
Width 340mm 1320mm
Depth 250mm 250mm
Weight 7kg 26.7kg
Selecon Aurora Flood Light Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Aurora Groundrow Single, 1200W Lamp SEL-AUGR-1C
Aurora Groundrow 3 Batten, Cable Tails SEL-AUGR-3BC
Aurora Groundrow 3 Batten, Wieland SEL-AUGR-3BW
Aurora Groundrow 3 Batten, Socapex SEL-AUGR-3BX
Aurora Groundrow 4 Batten, Cable Tails SEL-AUGR-4BC
Aurora Groundrow 4 Batten, Wieland SEL-AUGR-4BW
Aurora Groundrow 4 Batten, Socapex SEL-AUGR-4BX
Description Order Code
Lamp 650W P2/10 LAM-P2/10
Lamp 1000W P2/7 LAM-P2/7
Lamp 1200W P2/12 LAM-P2/12
Aurora Barndoor SEL-20BDAU
Aurora Colour Frame (Spare) SEL-20CFAUCY

Please Note: Please specify your choice of lamp at time of ordering. Luminaires are supplied complete with colour frames.

The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Philips Selecon.
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