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Selecon Aurora Cyc Light

The Pacific Followspot is a compact sized followspot that utilises Selecon's Pacific luminaire technology and heat management system to deliver a "cool" beam of "white" light to the stage. The Pacific is an energy efficient luminaire with an active heat management system that delivers longer life for colour filters and shutters with lower energy consumption.

The lens system allows the followspot to be adjust through a beam angle range of 7.5° to 19° and an iris is provided to quick and easy enable adjustment of spot size during performances.

Available with any of the Pacific lamp options from 600W tungsten halogen to the 575W Hot Restrike MSR, as well as the 1200W 80V lamp system.

The Pacific Followspot is an excellent quality short throw followspot making it the ideal choice for schools and smaller theatres.


  • Beam angle range 7.5° to 19°
  • Useful throw distances 18 to 21 metres
  • Lamp wattages 600W, 800W ,1000W, 1200W 80V or MSR HR 575W
  • Adjustable iris diaphram with black out and protective guard
  • Braced yoke and platten spigot ensures smooth operation of the followspot
  • Adjustable yoke balance point to suit the operator's requirements
  • No fans, other than that required for the MSR power supply for virtually silent operation
  • Adjustable front handle enables setup for individual operator's reach and comfort
  • Easy access for servicing and cleaning
  • Pacific heat management system delivers cool light beam to stage
  • Compliant with CE safety requirements


The Pacific colour changer accessory holds four pieces of colour filter and provides a locking handle system to enable the operator to quickly switch the desired colout into the light beam during performances.

Selecon Pacific Followspot Colour Changer
Selecon Folding Tripod Followspot Stand This sturdy tripod followspot stand accessory folds down for easy packing and storage.


Selecon Pacific Followspot Photometrics

Technical Specifications

Beam Angle Variable between 7.5 and 19 degrees
Lamp 600W Theatre GKV 600W, 15000 lumens, 400 hours average life, 220-240V
Lamp 600W Long Life GLB 600W, 13000 lumens, 1500 hours average life, 220-240V
Lamp 800W Theatre GKV 800W, 20000 Lumens, 300 hours average life, 220-240V
Lamp 1000W GAD 1000W, 25000 Lumens, 250 hours average life, 230V
Lamp MSR575W MSR575/2, 49000 Lumens, 750 hours average life, re-ignition 10 minutes
Lamp MSR575W HR MSR575HR, 49000 Lumens, 750 hours average life, Hot Re-strike
Lamp Base G9.5 for GKV, GLB and GAD, G22 for MSR
Colour Frame Size 245mm x 245mm
Gobo Size B (requires optional gobo holder)
Construction Aluminium pressure die-castings and injection moulded Fortron plastic


Width: 364mm
Length: 1100mm
Height-1: 531mm
Height-2: 1340mm
C/Changer: 148mm
Weight: 30kg
Selecon Pacific Followspot Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Pacific Followspot 7-19 Deg, 600W SEL-PAFS-GKV
Pacific Followspot 7-19 Deg, 800W SEL-PAFS-GK8
Pacific Followspot 7-19 Deg, 1000W SEL-PAFS-GAD
Pacific Followspot Colour Changer SEL-18PACFCCH
Pacific Followspot Gobo Holder A Size SEL-19PACFSGH
Followspot Stand SEL-STDFS
Description Order Code
Lamp 800W GKV800 LAM-GKV800
Lamp 1000W GAD (Blue Pinch) LAM-GAD
Lamp Modules (230V)  
Pacific Lamp Module (Blue) GKV SEL-19PACLM6PL
Pacific Lamp Mod. (Blue) GKV800 SEL-19PACLM8PL
Pacific Lamp Module (Red) GAD SEL-19PACLM1PL

Please Note: Please specify your choice of lamp at time of ordering.

The information presented on this page is provided by courtesy of Philips Selecon.
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