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Theatrelight SingleFade and TwinFade Dimmers

The Theatrelight SingleFade and TwinFade are standalone digital dimmer modules that are ideal for controlling several kilowatts of incandescent lighting. Both units feature digitally controlled dimming with dual SCRs per channel, MCB short-circuit protection, and toroidal chokes for noise filtering to studio requirements. The built-in soft-start circuitry helps improve lamp life for expensive television and film lamps. The SingleFade and TwinFade are both small and compact with rugged construction that enables them to withstand the rigours of touring. The module width of only 86mm allows several units to be used conveniently side by side making them ideal for small control centres in studio lighting, exhibitions, and theatres. The SingleFade module is perfect for controlling small incandescent followspots with up to 2KW lamps.


  • Compact, highly portable size
  • SingleFade provides one 10 Amp channel
  • TwinFade provides two 10 Amp channels
  • Built-in Flash key for each channel
  • Built-in soft-start for longer lamp life
  • LED to indicate presence of mains power
  • Magnetic circuit breaker protected outputs
  • Mains input & output via 1 metre cables allowing any type of connectors to be fitted

Technical Specifications

Channels SingleFade 1 channel or TwinFade 2 channels
Faders Dust protected, 60mm stroke linear faders with moulded ABS knobs
Flash Keys Long life heavy duty computer key switches with ABS caps
Output Load 1 x channel (SingleFade), or 2 channels (TwinFade), at 10A total loadIncandescent or resistive (non-inductive) loads
Output Minimum Load 15 Watts for 10 Amp models, 60 Watts for 32 Amp model
Output Protection Miniature thermal magnetic circuit breakers, instant reset
Output Terminations Power output on rear via 1 metre cable
Power Supply Required 90 to 250 Volts AC, 50/60Hz
Power Terminations Power input on rear via 1 metre cable
Cooling n/a
Ambient Temperature 40 degrees Celsius maximum
Ambient Humidity 95% maximum, non-condensing
Construction Zinc coated steel, powder coated epoxy paint
Front Panel Screen printed durable epoxy ink
Accessories Supplied with operators manual


  Single Twin
Width: 86mm 86mm
Depth: 117mm 117mm
Height: 218mm 218mm
Weight: 1.6kg 2.2kg
Theatrelight SingleFade and TwinFade Dimmer Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Theatrelight SingleFade Dimmer Module THE-TLSF-1
Theatrelight TwinFade Dimmer Module THE-TLSF-2
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