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Theatrelight Nebula Dimmer Pack

The Theatrelight Nebula is a rack-mounting digital dimmer pack that is designed for flexibility, reliability and performance. It offers a wide range of features that are accessed via an easy to use LCD display and intuitive menu system. Built in functions include pre-recorded scenes and sequences, preset warm and maximum levels, adjustable dimmer curves, and a test mode. Automatic voltage ranging allows the Nebula Dimmer Pack to operate on any mains supply voltage in any country. The Nebula uses efficient toroidal chokes, magnetic circuit breakers, and an internal temperature controlled cooling fan to keep this pack working under the most rigorous conditions.


  • Fully digital operation with DMX control with opto-isolated input
  • Large 4 line 20 character backlit blue LCD display
  • Proportional softpatch
  • Easy menu set up of dimmer parameters
  • Min, max, soft-start, dimmer curve & test per channel
  • All settings stored in non-volitile memory
  • 120 Scenes with individual up, down, and delay fades
  • 30 Chases with presettable speeds
  • 30 Sequences of auto fading scenes
  • Delay times of up to 30 minutes between sequence cues
  • Plays a cue list of up to 60 Scenes/Chases Sequences
  • Alphanumeric text labels for Scenes, Chases and Sequences
  • Magnetic circuit breaker protected outputs

Technical Specifications

Channels 12 channels or 6 channels depending on model
Dimmer Curve Selectable Theatre/TV incandescent, or switched non-dim
Control Input DMX-512 1990, or Remote Control Stations
Control Connectors 5 pin XLR male for DMX-512, RJ45 for Remote
Output Load 12 x 10A channels or 6 x 32A channels depending upon model
Output Minimum Load 15 Watts for 10 Amp models, 40 Watts for 32 Amp model
Output Rise Time 130 uS @ full load (10 to 90%), Iron powder core toroidal chokes
Output Protection Miniature thermal magnetic circuit breakers, instant reset
Output Terminations Moving cage terminals or sockets depending on model
Power Supply Required 90 to 265 Volts AC from 1, 2, or 3 phase with neutral, 45 to 65Hz
Power Terminations Moving cage terminals or flexible input cable
Cooling Internal thermostatically controlled fan
Ambient Temperature 40 degrees Celsius maximum
Ambient Humidity 95% maximum, non-condensing
Construction Zinc coated steel, powder coated epoxy paint
Front Panel Screen printed durable epoxy ink
Mounting 19" rack mount, 3U high. Supplied with rack mounting brackets
Accessories Supplied with operators manual


Width: 480mm (19" Rack Mount)
Depth: 355mm  
Height: 133mm (3 Rack Units)
Weight: 18kg  
Theatrelight Nebula Dimmer Pack Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Theatrelight Nebula 12 Channel Dimmer Pack (Sockets) THE-TLNEB-1210S
Theatrelight Nebula 12 Channel Dimmer Pack (Terminals) THE-TLNEB-1210T
Theatrelight Nebula 6 Channel Dimmer Pack (Terminals) THE-TLNEB-630T
Theatrelight Intelligent Wall Plate Controller THE-TLFP6W-I
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