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Theatrelight Scenemaster Lighting Console

The Theatrelight Scenemaster is a professional quality console that's versatile, reliable and easy to use while being in an affordable price range. It is available in 12 / 24 (12 channel dual preset / 24 channel single preset) and 24 / 48 channel models. A simple recording procedure and a summary of the operating instructions printed on the front panel make the Theatrelight Scenemaster console very operator friendly.

Each slider control on the lower preset operates as a scenemaster during show playback and each of these scenemasters can hold a single scene, a chase sequence, or all the cues for an entire show.

With four pages of scenemasters, multiple chase speeds, recordable fade times, single button cue changes, and scene editing facilities, your creativity is unlimited. The Scenemaster is an ideal teaching console. It can be switched into 'dual-preset manual' mode so students can learn the technique of manually presetting each lighting state then cross-fading on cue so they understand the process involved. Students can then move on to easily learn the computerised memory functions with a good understanding of what the electronics is doing behind the controls. The VGA output enables a standard computer monitor to be connected to allow viewing of the cue number, channel information, progress of timed fades, etc. The Theatrelight Scenemaster 3F is the ideal lighting console for schools, drama studios, television studios, and theatres.


  • Dual preset or single preset modes
  • Park function in single preset mode
  • Single button show operation
  • Dipless cross fades
  • Separate fade times for each cue
  • Fade times from 0.1 - 600 seconds
  • Multiple independent chase speeds
  • Scene editing facilities
  • Large memory capacity
  • Record and erase protection codes
  • DMX-512 output to dimmer


LCD MonitorGooseneck LightMemory Card
VGA MonitorGooseneck LightsMemory Card

Technical Specifications

Channels Available in two models for 12/24 or 24/48 channels.
Faders Dust protected, 60mm stroke linear faders with moulded ABS knobs
Flash Keys Long life heavy duty computer key switches with ABS caps
Electronics CMOS microprocessor
Memory CMOS with 5 year lithium battery backup
Control Output DMX-512 USITT(1990) standard via 5 pin XLR connector
Remote TriggerCue-Go, Cue-Back & Show-Reset via 6.25mm stereo jack socket
Power Supply Required Built-in transformer switchable from 110v to 240v
ConstructionZinc coated steel, powder coated epoxy paint, moulded ends
Front PanelBlack panel with 3 colour screened durable epoxy ink
AccessoriesSupplied with operators manual, power cord and dust cover


  12/24 24/48
Width: 451mm 679mm
Depth: 345mm 345mm
Height: 95mm 95mm
Weight: 5kg 7kg
Theatrelight Scenemaster Lighting Desk Dimensions

Ordering Information

DescriptionOrder Code
Theatrelight Scenemaster Console 12/24 with VGA THE-TLSC-24V
Theatrelight Scenemaster Console 24/48 with VGA THE-TLSC-48V
Theatrelight SD Memory Card THE-TLMEM-SD
Theatrelight Gooseneck Work Light c/w Bulb THE-TLGLITE
Please call for VGA monitor options.
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