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Theatrelight DMX Link Lighting Console

The Theatrelight DMX-Link is a powerful and affordable control desk with sophisticated DMX mixing, back-up recording, and soft-patch facilities. The DMX-Link is a powerful companion to the Cuemaster consoles for use in larger lighting installations. It is designed as a fully independent backup and soft-patch facility that can be added to any DMX-512 system.

A DMX mixer allows two external DMX consoles to be plugged into the DMX-Link and soft-patched to any of 1024 dimmers. Up to 100 backup scenes can then be recorded directly from the external consoles or they can be programmed directly from the DMX-Link keypad.

Other features include storage of 4 independent patch lists, call-up of channels from the keypad, timed fades of up to 60 minutes and a set of six House Light faders with their own master fader. The DMX-Link console is supplied complete with outputs for a colour dynamic display and printer, a memory card backup facility, operating manual and dust cover. As well as acting as a Back-up and patching desk to other control panels, the DMX-Link can also be used as a compact standalone memory lighting desk for the control of large permanent lighting installations in venues such as Concert Halls, Television Stations and Stadiums.


  • Soft-patching of 1024 channels to 1024 dimmers at any level
  • DMX mixing of two separate external DMX inputs
  • Channel capacity can be user configured between the 2 DMX inputs
  • Patch storage for four independent soft-patch lists
  • 100 back-up scenes of up to 1024 channels in 10 pages of 10 back-up masters
  • Keypad channel access for all backup scene programming or editing
  • Instant to 60 minute fade time for back-up scene playback
  • LED displays for scene number, channel number, dimmer number and level
  • Dynamic VGA colour display provides live monitoring of desk and on-screen help
  • Six independent house light faders with their own master fader
  • Independent memory card for memory expansion, backup or library purposes
  • Record and erase protection codes

Detailed Features

Theatrelight DMX Link Patch Page Controls

The DMX-Link features 10 pages of 10 backup masters and four independent patch lists.


There are two DMX-512 inputs on the desk, each with its own fader and a status LED showing signal active, disabled or error. Channel capacity can be user configured between the 2 DMX inputs. The DMX 1 input can be connected to a Cuemaster while the DMX 2 input can be connected to a special effects or moving light control panel.


Theatrelight DMX Link Input Faders
Theatrelight DMX Link Soft-Patch Controls

You can soft-patch 1024 channels to 1024 dimmers at any level in any of the four patch lists and you can set up scenes of up to 1024 channels in any of the 100 backup masters. You can also read channel and dimmer levels and test both dimmers and channels.


In order to maximise reliability the DMX-Link has its own CPU card, 5 year battery backed memory, power supply, dynamic display and memory card.

You can store up to 100 backup scenes of 1024 channels each on the 10 pages of backup masters. The scenes can be recorded directly from the DMX inputs or you can manually enter and edit them from the key pad. The backup scenes can be played back with a fade time from instant to one hour.


The backup masters can also be used for other applications such as controlling moving lights, colour scrollers, etc.


Theatrelight DMX Link Backup Scene Faders


LCD Monitor Gooseneck Light Memory Card
VGA Monitor Gooseneck Lights Memory Card

Technical Specifications

Channels 1024 channel control with proportional soft-patch to 1024 dimmers
Faders Dust protected, 60mm stroke linear faders with moulded ABS knobs
Flash Keys Long life heavy duty computer key switches with ABS caps
Electronics CMOS microprocessor
Memory CMOS with 5 year lithium battery backup
Control Inputs DMX-512 USITT(1990) standard via 5 pin XLR connectors
Control Output DMX-512 USITT(1990) standard via 5 pin XLR connectors
Monitor Output 15 pin high density D-SUB female for standard VGA monitor
Printer Output 25 pin D-SUB female for standard IBM compatible parallel printer
Work Lights Fuse protected BNC socket for optional Littlelite 12 inch gooseneck light. Lamp is 24 Volt, 2.8 Watt Lucas LLB865 or equivalent.
House Lights 9 pin D-SUB female socket for fader connections
Memory Card Socket for compact 32KB or 256KB memory cards
Remote Trigger Two channel short to earth via 6.25mm stereo jack socket
Power Supply Required Built-in transformer to AS3108, Switchable from 120 to 240V
Construction Zinc coated steel, powder coated epoxy paint, moulded ends
Front Panel Black panel with 3 colour screened durable epoxy ink
Accessories Supplied with operators manual, power cord and dust cover


Width: 475mm
Depth: 345mm
Height: 95mm
Weight: 4kg
Theatrelight DMX Link Dimensions

Ordering Information

Description Order Code
Theatrelight DMX Link Console THE-TLLINK
Theatrelight SD Memory Card THE-TLMEM-SD
Theatrelight 256KB Memory Card (Older Type) THE-TLMEM-256K
Theatrelight Gooseneck Work Light c/w Bulb THE-TLGLITE
Please call for VGA monitor options.
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