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Cuemaster Consoles

Theatrelight Cuemaster 48 and Cuemaster 120 Consoles

Theatrelight Cuemaster

The popular Theatrelight Cuemaster range is designed with speed and ease of use as it main points with the versatility to cover a wide range of lighting requirements. It is available in two models to provide a choice of 120 channels or 48 channels. Most of all, the Cuemaster provides the adaptability demanded by today's lighting designers making it ideal for applications in Theatres, Television Studios, Display Lighting and Education.

Product Features

  • Large cue capacity, average of 800 cues on the 120 channel model
  • DMX-512 (USITT 1990) international standard communications protocol
  • Dedicated channel faders for fast plotting and hands-on control
  • Dedicated Scenemasters for instant access to up to 24 Scenemasters at once
  • 10 pages of 24 Scenemasters with automatic page overlay
  • Each Scenemaster can hold a manual or fade-scene, a chase, or an entire show
  • Independent auto-loading fade times for fade-scenes and show cues
  • Single button auto-fade, auto-effects cue operation to simplify complex shows
  • Any show cue can link up to 16 chases or fade-scenes for split or stack fades
  • Chases are level sensitive and may be of any length
  • Multiple chase speeds with up to 24 independent chase speeds simultaneously
  • Chase beat function for synchronising chase speed to live music
  • External control of chases or auto-fade, auto-effect shows
  • Auto-sequence mode allows shows to run automatically
  • Fast editing of levels, fade times, and chase speeds
  • Simple insertion or deletion of chase steps or show cues
  • Two preset manual operation with dipless cross fade between presets
  • Flash, Add/Kill, and Latch On/Off modes on both channels and scenes
  • Flash Disable mode prevents accidental pressing of Flash keys
  • Dust guard protection on all faders for extended life

Detailed Features

Theatrelight Cuemaster Scene Faders

Using the memory page overlay system you can change between any of the ten pages of Scenemasters. In each Scenemaster you can record a manual scene, a fade scene, a chase or an entire show, each coded in a different colour on the status LED above each Scenemaster fader.


You can operate the Cuemaster as a two preset manual console using the park facility. You can also set the scene or channel flash keys to latch mode which transforms the flash keys into on/off switches.

Theatrelight Cuemaster Masters
Theatrelight Cuemaster Edit Functions

The Edit Functions allow you to quickly and easily edit scenes, chases or show cues. The Compare function compares the newly edited scene with the original scene. You can modify, delete or insert cues into a chase or a show and stack scenes or chases to create a show that can be operated by a single button.

Theatrelight Cuemaster Grand Master Fader


The Grand Master fader (left) controls the entire output of the console. The D.B.O. key allows for dead blackouts. This key also controls the disable and enable of the flash keys to allow safer operation.



You can set different fade times on cues of a show as well as for fade-scenes, allowing for two separate fade times simultaneously. Any chase speed can be set by tapping a key to the tempo of live music and you can playback each chase with its own independent chase speed.


Theatrelight Cuemaster Fade Speed Controls

Accessories Available

LCD Monitor Gooseneck Light Memory Card

VGA Monitor

Gooseneck Light

Memory Card

Technical Specifications


Two model options provide a choice of 48 channels or 120 channels.


Dust protected, 60mm stroke linear faders with moulded ABS knobs

Flash Keys

Long life heavy duty computer key switches with ABS caps


CMOS microprocessor


CMOS with 5 year lithium battery backup

Control Output

DMX-512 USITT(1990) standard via 5 pin XLR connector

Monitor Output

15 pin high density D-SUB female for standard VGA monitor

Printer Output

25 pin D-SUB female for standard IBM compatible parallel printer

Work Lights

Fuse protected BNC sockets for optional Littlelite 12 inch gooseneck lights.

Memory Card

Socket for compact 32KB or 256KB memory cards

Remote Trigger

Two channel short to earth via 6.25mm stereo jack socket

Power Supply Required

Built-in transformer to AS3108, Switchable from 120 to 240V


Zinc coated steel, powder coated epoxy paint, moulded ends

Front Panel

Black panel with screened durable epoxy ink


Supplied with operators manual, power cord and dust cover

















Theatrelight Comet 6 Control Panel Dimensions


Order Code

Theatrelight Cuemaster Console 48 Channels


Theatrelight Cuemaster Console 120 Channels


Theatrelight SD Memory Card


Theatrelight 256K memory Card (Older Type)


Theatrelight Gooseneck Work Light c/w Bulb


Please call for VGA monitor options.

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