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Colour Frames

Standard Colour Frame

Frames for Current Luminaire Types

Colour frames are generally available for all luminaire models that are in current production.

Please refer to the Luminaires section for the colour frame part numbers for the luminaire models we supply. Common sizes are also listed below.

If you need colour frames for luminaire models that we don't usually sell, please enquire as we may well be able to obtain them for you.


Order Code

Colour Frame 185mm x 185mm (standard 6")


Colour Frame 125mm x 125mm (Acclaim)


Colour Frame 229mm x 229mm (PAR56)


Colour Frame 255mm x 255mm (PAR64)


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Colour Frame Measurements

Frames for Older Luminaire Types

Adena can manufacture custom colour frames to order to fit any luminaires for which the original colour frames are no longer available from the luminaire's manufacturer.

When ordering custom frames, please provide the make and model of the luminaire, if known, and accurate measurements of...

1, the distance between the inside of the colour runner groves horizontally (A)

2, the distance between the inside of the bottom colour runner grove and the top (B)

3, the diameter of the lens (C)

Please measure carefully, not all colour frames are square.

Due to the variance in computer monitors, browsers and printers, colours displayed may not be identical to actual product.