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Adena Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company that specialises in the supply of theatrical equipment and services to performing arts and education customers, in Schools, Churches and Theatres throughout New Zealand.

First established in mid 1988, Adena became an incorporated company in April 1994 after five years of successful trading by its current owners Steve and Debra Reader. The name "Adena" is of Hebrew origin meaning "Pleasant and Adaptable" and as such forms the very basis of our company ethic.


Our objective is to meet each customer’s specific needs with cost effective services and high quality products that deliver the best overall value to the customer.

Adena will continue to be a service based company built on solid professional ethics and staffed by personnel with the experience, skills and qualifications necessary to assure our customers of first class results. Each of us will exercise a personal commitment to ensure that our clients receive our best efforts at all times.

The School Specialists

Adena is the school specialist. We understand the challenges faced by schools and continually strive to make products and services available that are the most appropriate for the school environment with safety and durability top priorities - to help teachers teach and students learn.

Equipping The Performing Arts

Adena is a leading supplier of theatrical equipment and services to performing arts and education customers. We supply a huge range of top quality theatrical equipment and consumables, all sourced from the world's leading manufacturers. Whether your performance style is Musical Theatre, Opera, Drama or Dance, we can supply the gear you need. Our product range includes...

Stage Lighting


Theatrelight dimmers and consoles, Selecon luminaires, Rosco gobos, Rosco colour filters and effects filters, GE and Philips replacement lamps.

Stage Lighting


Soundcraft mixing consoles, Crown amplifiers, JBL loudspeakers, dbx equalisers and digital signal processors, Shure microphones and headphones.

Stage Lighting


Kryolan, Ben Nye, and Paris-Berlin professional stage makeup products for character, special effects, and medical simulation makeup.

Stage Lighting


House curtains, tab curtains, borders, legs and cyclorama cloths. All drapes custom manufactured and flame-retardant to NZ Building Code requirements. Curtain track and fittings.

Stage Lighting


Rosco Strobist filters, Lumiquest flash accessories, Manfrotto tripods and accessories. Studio accessories including backgrounds, reflectors and diffusers.

Stage Lighting

Scenic Products

Inspecta-Shield flame retardants, Rosco scenic paints, Rosco fluorescent paints and TV paints, Rosco specialist scenic coatings.

Stage Lighting

Special Effects

Martin (Jem) smoke and haze machines, Jem fluids.

Stage Lighting

TV & Video

Blackmagic Design video converters, switchers, and recorders, Manfrotto tripods and accessories. Studio accessories including chroma-key backgrounds.

Design And Advisory Services

Adena provides cost effective technical advice and design services that are essential to organisations building or upgrading theatres, studios, school halls, auditoriums, churches, etc. We offer a wealth of technical experience gained from many years work in live theatre and school performing arts installations.

School performing arts facilities, drama studios, and TV/Video studios are our specialty. Every installation is designed for safety and fitness for purpose using professional quality products and technoligies that fully comply with all applicable NZ regulations, industry standards and accepted industry best practices.

Right from the start of your project, before you even select an architect, we help you define the performance space you desire, its essential equipment and the desirable equipment that you'll add later as budgets permit. We design the very specialised technical infractructure that's needed for the performance space to function as it should, produce all the necessary drawings and documentation, and then we work with your architects to help them integrate everything nicely into the overall building design. This process delivers better performing arts facilities and, by eliminating problems that can be costly to fix after construction, it also delivers better value for your budget along with some welcome piece of mind.